Ndevr JD Edwards Events

Get together with other JD Edwards users in Australia to learn new JDE E1 tricks, and how to make the most of existing functionality, and all about the different partner products that can enhance your instance of JD Edwards and make doing business even easier.

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ReportsNow Webinar

OCTOBER 1 – Find the Right Reporting Fit For JD Edwards

It’s not just about finding the right fit, but also about knowing what and when to measure.

• How to look for authentic content that indicates a full portfolio of business intelligence capabilities
• What user-friendly self-service, data visualization, and integration looks like
• How to assess the true total cost of ownership and the time needed to become citizen-ready
• How and when to determine solution longevity and if it fits JD Edwards’ long-term outlook
• If the solution is compatible with your business units, functionalities, and use-cases

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JD Edwards Education Breakfasts

AUGUST 20, 21, and 22: How to Automate Complex Accounting Processes in JD Edwards Using Orchestrator.

Using the example of Intercompany Invoicing, Anne Thiele will show you how to set up an Orchestration so that the entire process around intercompany invoicing is automated, eliminating room for error, and saving time.

This scenario will demonstrate how orchestrator is initiated from a JDE application, as well as scheduling orchestrations to occur, and how notifications can be applied.

In case you missed it catch the movie instead