Integrating JD Edwards

2020 - Ndevr IT

Build a Cost Benefit Analysis for an ERP

This short paper from MYOB outlines Step by Step the processes and pointers you can use to build a cost benefit analysis for an ERP investment. A cost-benefit analysis (CBA) is a systematic process for calculating and comparing the benefits and costs of a project or decision: The necessary outgoings and desired incomes. What are


JD Edwards Innovation Week – An Overview

A huge thank you to Anne Thiele, Ndevr’s Solutions Specialist, who sacrificed many hours of sleep to bring you all a much needed run-down of the JD Edwards Innovation week. One of the topics of the JD Edwards innovation week was around moving to the Oracle Gen 2 Cloud. Oracle is moving their JD Edwards


JD Edwards Innovation Week – JD Edwards Re-Imagined

Lyle Ekdahl Lyle’s keynote can be viewed in full at the link provided at the end of this article, however if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, please read the following: Lyle emphasised the need for companies to upgrade to 9.2 to take advantage of JD Edwards innovation. He promoted Orchestrator, Citizen


JD Edwards Product Update and Roadmap

Robert Monahan and Gary Greishaber of Oracle One of the noticeable recurring themes across all the presentations was the push towards Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and cloud products. This presentation was no different. It was pointed out that the mobile platform is now VBCS (Visual Builder Cloud Services). There is a learning path for VBCS and